In which I realize that newborns have astonishingly tiny heads

On Thursday, one of my best friends gave birth to a very, very beautiful little girl.  Which meant that sometime in the middle of the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, I’d finally gotten around to beginning work on her baby gift (not like I procrastinate on anything else… ever… nooooo, not me).  In fairness to my procrastinatory, indecisive, perfectionist self, part of this was due to  wanting to find the “right” yarn and the “right” pattern.  By which I mean “perfect” yarn and “perfect-amazing-best-EVAR” pattern.  I had ideas, bits borrowed here and there from my too-big collection of pattern books and things found on Ravelry… but given the girl’s parents, I wanted something fun and lively and certainly not monochrome.

Eventually, I settled on the Baby Hat with Leaf Edging but decided to use two different yarns — Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Bilberry for the edging and Dizzy Blonde Studios Sock Yarn in Veronica (Lac Noir) for the main body of the hat.  And, while I kept feeling guilty about not starting sooner, the two yarns were a perfect match for each other and I didn’t manage to buy the latter until a week or so ago… I missed out on the inagural Etsy posting.

I like the result.  I really, really, like the result.  Fortunately, so did the family when I gave it to them this morning.  I also continue to be shocked at how quickly one can knit baby things… I spend more time on  a single sock than it took to make the entirety of this hat.  Of course, there is a measurable difference between knitting on size 1 needles and size 3 needles, but I digress.  It makes sense, logically, of course, that baby heads need to be tiny, but the reality of it is… well, maybe if I saw more newborns, I’d be less caught off guard.

I’m glad the hat fits.  I’m glad it’s stretchy enough that it will fit for a few months.  (I was really, truly terrified that it would be either too tiny or not stretchy enough to be kid-wearable.  Somehow, testing the size and stretchiness with my teddy bear, a tape measure, and a size chart of average head circumferences for newborns and infants didn’t reassure me very much.)  I’m more than thrilled that  it was  liked and appreciated.  What I am most glad of is that after this morning, I understand why my parents would introduce their friends to me as “Aunt So-and-So” and why I would get gifts from these people for birthdays and Christmas growing up.  This totally confused me, as I lived it, because I would think to myself “you people are not related to me, why would you care about me like that? “

Today I realized that it happens because sometimes there are friendships that are so close and so deep that you look forward to knowing and being a part of a kid’s life, just because she belongs to the people you love who created her.



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2 responses to “In which I realize that newborns have astonishingly tiny heads

  1. That hat is so sweet! I’m so glad the family likes it. 🙂

  2. What a sweet hat. I love the colors you chose. That adage “you can choose your friends, but not your family” is one I hold close to my heart. I really believe that once we’re adults you can choose a second “family”. One that’s a much better fit. 😉

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