A Quick Detour to ArtFibers

Today’s post begins with a short story about why I love living in San Francisco.  Once upon a time (like, earlier today, perhaps), a fiber addict (me) and her fiance’ were on their way to a  Gigantic Fabric Store to procure some fabric for making general home-decoration items — table runners, throw pillows, curtains, that sort of thing — when the aforementioned fiber addict saw a sign fo Art Fiber Yarn.

(Okay.  Dispensing with the fairytale-style writing now…)

Not only had I not been to this yarn store (sadly true of many a yarn store in SF, at least for me.  I’m lazy, and ImagiKnit is right around the corner from my house), I hadn’t even heard of it.   Not as a yarn store, at least, only as a brand.

It is a wonderful place.  They have a wall of “yarn tastings” — short bits of all of their different yarns in a variety of colors (so many!  I was very, very impressed with both the fiber and color selection) for visitors to sit and test out.  If you have a pattern in mind, go to the store, swatch, measure, then buy.  Hm.  Now that I think about it, perhaps it’s a clever ploy to encourage lazy knitters like me who rarely bother with guage swatches… though one can’t really block the things one tests out in the store…

In any case.  After about 10 minutes of perusing and petting, and collecting a couple cones that were begging to come home with me — a sport weight bamboo/silk blend in a color that is probably one of the best matches to my personality I’ve seen, save one hand-dyed by a very close friend, a beautiful silk laceweight in a deep deep blue purple (exactly what I’d been imagining for the series of Eloping garters that I want to make for the women I’m asking to be attendants in my wedding) and a silk/mohair blend named Casanova that I might have bought as much for the name as for its lush feel and deep blue color — I suggested to my ever-patient partner in crime that it was perhaps time to get me out of there before I spent any more money.

Plus, we had a more pressing errand.  (Nothing like an upcoming housewarming party to motivate a person to do all of those household projets that seem to hang about indefintely!)

So, it was on to the fabric store, where we acquired some beautiful silk for curtains, chenille velvet to recover my piano bench (its current state of being upholstered in a lovely slate blue velvet doesn’t quite work with the wine and cream upholstery on our other furniture or our general shared aesthetic) a fun tapestry cloth for a couple throw pillows and a pretty, organic accent print that will probably turn into the top side of at least one floor pillow.  (Very Necessary… if one is going to throw a party, one must offer one’s guests a place to sit… in addition to seeing how many people can pile on to a couch…).

I’m looking forward to a week full of mad sewing, and hopefully a bit more knitting.  I like the progress I’m making on MS4 (the soft pinkish thing with bright black beads next to my cone of purple silk laceweight from ArtFibers and preliminary progress on Eloping #1) and am totally curious about what’s coming next… or, more specifically, how the next clues will look in my guage and my yarn (it is on the fuschia/magenta side of purple, but it’s not quite as pink as the photo makes it appear.  The purple, though, the purple is pretty close, in its deep eggplant-y glory).  Plus, I want to finish my first Eloping, which shouldn’t be too hard as the one I started tonight is already about 8.5″ long and that’s with two false starts and probably just over an hour of actual work on the piece.

In other knitting news, the Hederas march along swimmingly; I’m about ready to start the heel flap on the second sock, so with a bit of luck, (and perhaps some dedication) I’ll finish the pair by the end of the week… at which point I will have completed 3(!) pairs of socks and will seriously need to put up a Sock Parade of FOs post.  The Happy Wanderer Capelet is still in Stockinette Hell, and I’m almost bored enough of it to not even want it to be a Zombie Knitting project anymore.  I’m sure I’ll love it when it’s off the needles and blocked  and I get to doodle on it with soft pretty threads as a finishing touch… and even more once I can start wearing it, but for the moment, well, there’s only so much time one can spend down in Stockinette Hell.

P.S.  Behold, a post with pictures!  (I know.  Been a while).  My camera started playing nice with my computer again, so I’ve been a little more motivated to both take and process photos lately.


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